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Who Benefits?

We train to improve our strength and mobility every day. With the exception of certain diseases or acute trauma, we believe the human body can increase functional strength and mobility throughout a lifetime with the proper training. Every day that passes, you can either improve or regress. You will regress if you don't do any exercise or if you exercise incorrectly. You will also regress if there is no change, improvement or progress in your routines.

In RooT Fx, your training will never stay the same. We constantly evaluate for increased range of motion, increased strength, increased endurance and increased daily function. It does not matter how fast, how slow, how much or how little you improve, as long as you keep improving.


"My philosophy for daily function is, you are either improving or you are getting worse. Trying to do maintenance exercises will lead to a reression in function and mobility. We choose to try to improve every day. This is why we train, why we practice daily Dynamic Core Movement and this is the driving force behind consistent RooT Fx Training routines."


Michael Takatsuno - Founder of RooT Fx

Exercise Frustration

  • Are you lacking motivation or feeling frustrated with your exercise? 

  • Are you tired of being stiff and feeling tightness after your workouts?

  • Have you experienced pain or been injured from working out?

  • Do you want to be more active, feel stronger and feel more mobile in your body?


When you train in RooT Fx, your motivation comes from the steady improvement that you make in both strength and mobility. The RooT Fx exercises and the way of exercising are radically different compared to traditional personal training, gym training, strength training, physical therapy or yoga exercises.


How you train is more important than the amount of reps, the amount of time and how much weight you use. The training exercises are precise and focus on how you use your body, where all actions are generated by connecting to your core(Syncing Your Core). You will learn to release joint and muscle tension while simultaneously building strength and mobility.


We also teach you how to apply these improvements to the activities of your life. Additionally, the RooT Fx Group Classes are fun, social and supportive(kids and pets are welcome)! The classes have an open mic. Students and teachers engage and communicate with each other in an open and supportive environment with lots of personal encouragement. Everyone is free to mute their own microphone at any time.

Chronic stiffness

If you have stiffness in your muscles and joints, this can lead to occasional or sometimes constant pain. This can have a long-term negative impact on the quality of your life and lead to unnecessary fatigue and discomfort. RooT Fx addresses chronic stiffness by helping change your muscles from stiff and rigid to strong and supple. This change in muscle tone will also be your first step towards releasing joint tension. As you progress through your training, you will learn how to release joint tension and create more joint mobility.

Limited Mobility

RooT Fx will help restore your mobility so that you can do activities that are important to you or that are required of you. Standing, sitting, walking, competitive sports, hiking, cooking, gardening, biking, exercising and traveling are the types of activities that are affected by having limited mobility. Increasing your functional strength and mobility can greatly enhance your ability to do these types of activities without chronic tension, pain and injury.

Occupational Pain

If you have pain and discomfort from performing your job, whether it be sitting, standing or being active, your body can be trained to perform your job without being in pain. RooT Fx uses a combination of Tension Release Training, Dynamic Core Movement and RooT Fx Strength Training to retrain you to work more efficiently, increase muscle strength and endurance and improve your working experience.

Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain that originates from repetitive stress or muscle and joint stiffness, RooT Fx can teach you to change those patterns and replace them with stronger, more durable muscles and more mobile joints. Our focus is to train muscles to be strong and durable while keeping your muscle tone more supple and functional. Additionally, RooT Fx will train your joints to be mobile, focusing on restoring range of motion.

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