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Photo of Michael on top of Mount Whitney

 How It All Started

I started playing competitive tennis when I was 10 years old and continued on past college. I played and trained almost every day for 15 years before retiring from tennis and starting my training in martial arts. ​​RooT Fx is a culmination of a lifetime of extreme repetitive, physical training, failed rehabilitation, dysfunctional patterns, searching for answers, finding the right teachers, training and more training. I finally learned about core-based movement, functional strength and correct ways to train the body from several teachers that trained their entire lives to master these methods.

I studied Yang-style short form t’ai chi ch’uan from Benjamin Pang-jeng Lo. Ben taught the old ways of tai chi training that requires intensive physical training, attention to detail, consistent practice and discipline. I studied Zazen, or Zen meditation and martial arts training under Tenshin Tanouye from Hawaii. Tanouye “Roshi”(Zen teacher) had the deepest understanding of how to develop the human body of anyone I’ve ever met. From breath and posture training to cultivating the power within you, he had no equal. I also trained under Toshiro Oshiro in Matsubayashi-Ryu Okinawan Karate. Oshiro Sensei studied the “old forms” of movement and self-defense and has achieved levels of human movement that few will ever touch. 

I consider myself very fortunate and am forever grateful to have studied under these rare teachers. I have combined much of their teachings with more common training exercise methods that have been modified and adapted so that they are teachable and repeatable. But the basic foundation and fundamentals of RooT Fx are strongly tied and rooted to these disciplines that have their origins in more ancient times.


I don’t teach RooT Fx to attract the most clients. I don’t teach it to build the RooT Fx business. I teach it because I know it’s the right way to use the body and it can help many people maximize their potential, prevent injury, stay strong and mobile throughout their lives and allow people to age with dignity and freedom. That’s pretty powerful and it’s what drives and motivates me.

Having the strength and mobility to do what you enjoy in life is a liberating and life-enhancing experience. I invite you to come and experience it with me.

Michael Takatsuno - founder of RooT Fx

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