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How the RooT Fx Training Works

Phase 1: Getting Started

All RooT Fx students are required to start with RooT Fx private Zoom sessions. These sessions are used to teach you the fundamentals of RooT Fx. You will learn the basics of Tension Release Training and how to Sync Your Core for all the exercises, postures and body movements. You will also build a custom training program that fits your body and addresses your needs. The private sessions are also used to assess your current level of mobility, strength, fitness, etc. It usually takes 3-4 private sessions to develop a custom routine.

Phase 2: Joining the Group Sessions

RooT Fx Group Sessions are unique in that you practice your own custom training program during class. Everyone’s training program is unique in the variety of exercises, length and difficulty of training. A Certified RooT Fx instructor will watch you train during class and make adjustments and recommendations as needed. The RooT Fx instructor’s job is to watch each student go through their training program and make sure every exercise is done correctly, and each student is progressing.

Additionally, the RooT Fx Group Classes are fun, social and supportive(kids and pets are welcome)! The classes have an open mic. Students and teachers engage and communicate with each other in an open and supportive environment with lots of personal encouragement. Everyone is free to mute their own microphone at any time.

Phase 3: Learning Progressions

Progressions in RooT Fx Training are adjustments made to an exercise after your range of motion or strength increases. Once the exercise is no longer challenging to you, your instructor will teach you the next Progression for that exercise. Each Progression is unique to the individual student. Some may need to increase the range of motion, some may need to add more repetitions, and some may need to increase the amount of weight used. By adding progressions, we make sure you are not getting stuck in your training and always showing improvement.

RooT Fx Zoom seminars

There are regular RooT Fx Zoom seminars offered throughout the year. These seminars are specialized trainings to aid students in improving the quality of their training and application to daily living. Seminar topics may focus on Tension Release Training, Dynamic Core Movement, RooT Fx Strength Training, posture and breath training, application of the training to daily living or application of training to specific activities or specific athletic movements.

RooT Fx In-person seminars

RooT Fx in-person seminars are 2-day seminars taught in various cities to larger groups. RooT Fx fundamentals are emphasized while covering upper body, lower body and core training. Tension Release Training, Dynamic Core Movement, RooT Fx Strength Training are covered repeatedly throughout the 2-day seminar. Each student will leave the seminar with a Custom RooT Fx Training Routine that they can take home and apply immediately. Once at home, the RooT Fx Group classes are available as a follow-up support system. In-person seminar participants are NOT required to do private Zoom sessions to join the RooT Fx Group classes.

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