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RooT Fx Strength Training

RooT Fx Strength Training (RST) is used to stabilize and strengthen weak muscles and stiff joints after you learn to release tension patterns. The strengthening reinforces the positive changes from the Tension Release Training. RST is a progressive step that occurs after you learn to release tension and increase your range of motion. Once you learn to release tight muscles and joints, the natural progression is to strengthen the muscles so the changes become more lasting. 

RooT Fx Strength Training encompasses training that can strengthen every major muscle group in your body. The training requires you to connect to your core muscles in a unique way (Syncing Your Core), whether doing upper body, lower body or core work. The focus of the exercises is functional strength and developing muscles that support you for whatever function(s) you need. Functional strength includes a wide range of actions, ranging from walking, sitting or standing to extreme athletic movement and everything in between.

Through RooT Fx, you can learn to be aware of tension being held in muscles, correct dysfunctional movement, release chronic muscle and joint tension and strengthen muscles. RooT Fx methods can eliminate pain and have lasting change, giving you the ability to live life more fully and create a lifetime of mobility, what we call Mobility for Life!

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