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What Makes RooT Fx Unique?

These are not “robotic” classes where the instructor does an exercise while everyone follows along doing the same exercise. In RooT Fx, you will start with a private Zoom session to build a customized training program that fits your needs. Then you will practice your custom workout during RooT Fx Group Classes with a Certified RooT Fx instructor that supervises and makes specific corrections and adjustments to your training during class.

Unique Training

The exercises and the way of exercising are radically different compared to traditional personal training, gym training, strength training, physical therapy or yoga exercises. How you train is more important than the amount of reps, the amount of time and how much weight you use. The training exercises are precise and focus on how you use your body, where all actions are generated by connecting into your core (Syncing Your Core). You will learn to release joint and muscle tension while simultaneously building strength and mobility.

Expert Personal Coaching

All private and group RooT Fx Zoom Training classes are taught by Certified RooT Fx instructors with years of experience. This is a specialized form of training and all of the certified instructors have gone through years of training before they can be certified to teach a class. These instructors watch, supervise, make corrections and teach progressions during each class. Every participant receives personalized instruction during both private and group sessions.

Dynamic Core Movement

Dynamic Core Movement is the bridge between your exercise program and learning to apply it to everyday life. 


Syncing Your Core and Dynamic Core Movement are the foundations for all postures and movements in RooT Fx. It is part of what distinguishes our work from other forms of training and is the reason why what we teach is so effective. This form of core engagement and movement results in a powerful connection of your upper and lower body to your larger core muscles. Once you learn how to Sync Your Core, you will apply it to all of your training. As your training improves, we teach you how to apply your training to your daily life activities or to specific athletic movements.


You will learn how to Sync Your Core and apply it to all aspects of your life. This includes: standing, sitting, walking, and all forms of movement. Dynamic Core Movement can be applied to any physical activity and the freedom and mobility that results from this DCM can be a life-changing experience.

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