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RooT Fx
The most unique form of functional strength and mobility training in the world! 

RooT Fx is not just another form of exercise or working out, this is a way of training your body to work better and improve every day. Do you want to be more active and feel stronger in your daily life? Train with others like you, who are learning to be more mobile and increase functional strength. The effort you put in to improve your body can be life-changing and will impact you for the rest of your life. Having the strength and mobility to do what you enjoy in life is a liberating and life-enhancing experience. We invite you to come and experience it with us.

Live Online Classes

RooT Fx is a training program that develops functional strength and increases mobility. We train people to exercise correctly and use that training to be more functional in their lives, activities and actions. There are 3 training methods that we have developed in RooT Fx that we combine to achieve our strength and mobility goals. Each training method is a discipline unto itself, but when used in combination, it results in one of the most unique and dynamic forms of training you will ever experience.

The 3 Training Methods of RooT Fx

Photo of Bri exercising

Tension Release Training

Tension Release Training(TRT) is a revolutionary way of exercising that releases muscle and joint tension while simultaneously increasing strength and range of motion. Tension Release Training is a way of exercising that teaches you to release tension in your joints and transform tight, rigid tissue into more functional tissue. We change your muscle tone by actively engaging tissue while consciously relaxing muscles and joints.

Dynamic Core Movement

Dynamic Core Movement(DCM) is a life-changing tool that helps eliminate the source of tension and pain patterns in your body. Negative patterns can arise from repetitive use, poor posture habits developed over a lifetime, weak muscles that do not have the stamina to perform daily functions or a previous injury that is adversely affecting your body.

Photo of Michael doing a step up exercise
Photo of Michael doing Strength Training

RooT Fx Strength Training

RooT Fx Strength Training(RST) is used to stabilize and strengthen weak muscles and stiff joints after you learn to release tension patterns. The strengthening reinforces the positive changes from the Tension Release Training. RST is a progressive step that occurs after you learn to release tension and increase your range of motion. Once you learn to release tight muscles and joints, the natural progression is to strengthen the muscles so the changes become more lasting.

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