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RooT Fx Seminars

Dynamic Core Movement Monthly Webinars

RooT Fx Dynamic Core Movement is about mastering mobility in everyday life. It takes practice and consistent training to develop the fluid patterns and break the negative habits. We emphasize DCM in every class we teach and further reinforce the principles by offering an ongoing monthly seminar dedicated to mobility training.


This monthly class is given on the first Thursday of every month. It is taught in a seminar format where the instructor leads the group through a wide variety of activities and movements. Some of the movements will include simple, everyday actions to help you break negative tension patterns and bad habits. Others will be more challenging, requiring you to use your core as you do during class to lift objects and train your body to move and reach at different angles and with different weights or objects. The objective is to learn to eliminate the negative tension and dysfunctional habits that create stiffness and inefficiency in your daily life. 


The practice and variety of movements are infinite and the more you practice, the more mobile and fluid you will become in your daily life and important activities.

RooT Fx specialty seminars on Zoom

There are regular RooT Fx Zoom seminars offered throughout the year. These seminars are specialized trainings to aid students in improving the quality of their training and application to daily living. Seminar topics may focus on Tension Release Training, Dynamic Core Movement, RooT Fx Strength Training, posture training, application of the training to daily living or application of training to specific activities or specific athletic movements.

RooT Fx In-person seminars

RooT Fx in-person seminars are 2-day seminars taught in various cities in larger groups. RooT Fx fundamentals are emphasized while covering upper body, lower body and core training. Tension Release Training, Dynamic Core Movement, PUSH Fx Strength Training are covered repeatedly throughout the 2-day seminar. You will leave the seminar with a custom RooT Fx Training Routine that you can take home and apply immediately. Once at home, the RooT Fx Group classes are available as a follow-up support system. In-person seminar participants are NOT required to do private Zoom sessions to join the RooT Fx Group classes.

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